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Greater Tacoma Community Foundation

Job Description
Job Title:  Communications Specialist Date Prepared:  September 2017
Incumbent Name: Open   Department:   Communications
Position Reports to (Title):   Vice President of Communications FLSA Status:  Exempt
Roles that Reports to this position (Titles):  Contract Consultants

About Greater Tacoma Community Foundation: Created in 1981 by a group of nine caring and compassionate community members, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation (GTCF) has grown from one gift of $10,000 to a robust organization supporting thousands of nonprofit partners. Over the past 36 years, GTCF provided more than $100 million in grants to the Pierce County community due in part to the generosity of our donors.

GTCF has helped hundreds of social entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders reshape our community through arts and culture, basic needs services, education, after-school programs for youth, environmental initiatives, empowerment opportunities for women and girls, and much more.

Mission:  Strengthening our community by fostering generosity and connecting people who care with causes that matter.

Vision:  Greater Tacoma Community Foundation visualizes Pierce County as a vibrant, compassionate, and beautiful community where people and programs work in harmony to provide personal, organizational, and environmental prosperity. GTCF will be a leader in the development of this vision by providing expertise, innovation, and inspiration for community members to connect personal and family values with powerful long-term community impact through philanthropy.

Values:  Integrity, Leadership, Innovation, Collaboration

Job Purpose: 
The Communications Specialist creates and coordinates production of the content, activities, and projects that meet communication needs and objectives with partnerships, external audiences, and community relations to fulfill and promote GTCF’s role in the community.

The Communications Specialist reports to the VP of Communications.

Each team member of GTCF is an essential part of the whole. We are in the business of helping people work together for the benefit of our community. How we interact with and support one another to build our internal community matters greatly. Each of us supports our mission to build a vibrant, compassionate, and beautiful Pierce County.

Key Job Functions: % of Time Spent on Function on an Annualized Basis
1. Partnership Communications Production 60%
2. External Communications Production 30%
3. Community Relations 10%

Primary Roles, Responsibilities
Partnership Communications: Cultivate Connections 
GTCF brings people together to create a thriving community. This kind of collaboration demands clear, consistent communication that supports many diverse individuals working together toward a common goal. High-quality, well-planned, and thoughtfully-produced materials are essential to maintain productive connections with GTCF partners including staff, Board of Directors members, donors, nonprofits, and program initiative team members.

Responsibilities include:
• Producing all print and electronic collateral including the annual report, donor communications, program initiative participant materials, fundraising campaigns, and e-newsletters
• Advising on the development and creation of needed materials for Board meeting packets, study sessions, and important committee documents
• Supporting production of events, videos, and web content
• Managing contracts with creative consultants including graphic designers, event managers, photographers, videographers, and web developers
• Maintaining editorial standards for all communication materials to ensure consistency, clarity, and positioning
• Prioritizing communications production schedule as necessary in relation to needs, time, and financial resources available
• Partnering with staff members from various departments to develop content, tone, responsibilities, and timelines
• Surfacing and sharing ideas, alternatives, and innovative approaches to producing needed communications materials

External Communications/Identity Development: Share the Stories
As a philanthropic organization, GTCF’s work provides a lens into the community’s most pressing challenges and opportunities. External communications effectively position and promote GTCF to its audiences, building a high-quality brand, inspiring philanthropy, and showcasing the opportunities and achievements of collaborative community efforts.

Responsibilities include:
• Producing website posts, social media posts, advertising, online marketing, graphics, presentations, and publications to keep the community aware of and engaged in the work of GTCF and its partners
• Partnering with staff members as appropriate to accomplish communications objectives and inspire response
• Managing contract consultants, including graphic designers, event managers, photographers, videographers, and web developers, to fulfill external communication production projects
• Developing connections with potential contract consultants to support GTCF communication production
• Developing connections with media to promote GTCF stories for wider distribution
• Monitoring media for coverage of GTCF
• Staying on top of communication industry trends and opportunities for innovative ways to share GTCF’s stories
• Managing the goals, timeline, contracts, and project budgets provided by the communication work plan
Community Relations: Get Involved
GTCF can support community collaboration because its staff stays connected to community activities, leaders, issues, and opportunities.
Responsibilities include:
• Attending community events to learn about work being done locally
• Forming productive connections with community leaders and members
• Staying in touch with local news for emerging local issues, opportunities, or communities that intersect with GTCF’s mission and role
• Responding to inquiries about GTCF’s mission, role, or opportunities for involvement
Qualifications: Skills & Experience Required
• Excellent writing skills for producing approachable, informative, and authentic communications
• Excellent verbal communication skills, including an enthusiasm for listening to others
• Exceptional organizational and time management skills
• Ability to analyze complex issues and effectively communicate information
• Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks and work under pressure
• A strong interest in learning more about partners and people in the Pierce County community
• A cultural competency that enables effective working relationships in cross-cultural situations, both within the organization and with partners
• Comfort with ambiguity and evolution of projects, including multiple revisions
• Project management skills
• Experience working with contract consultants and managing key deliverables
• Experience managing budgets
• Public speaking proficiency
• At least 5 years of experience in communications, community outreach, content production, journalism, or related field

Working Conditions
We believe in common sense and in giving our team members the freedom and flexibility to carry out their jobs in manner that maximizes their creativity and a quality work product. We recognize that challenging work can create stress and may require periods of strenuous physical activity. Team members are encouraged to place a high emphasis on safety and personal care. We encourage our team members to know their limits and abilities and to share their comfort levels for completing tasks. We are about creating a culture and environment where open communication and transparency thrive and when concerns arise our team members will bring them to the attention of the organization’s leadership. We value an environment that provides the tools and resources to successfully carryout the duties of your job and that emphasizes personal responsibility and accountability.  Our work with the community is based on trust and our high-level of competency so we ask our team members to carry out their work to the utmost ethical standards.

GTCF offers many great benefits to its employees, including: a competitive salary; bonus pool opportunities; healthcare; generous retirement plan contributions; paid parking; paid vacation, holidays and sick time; continuing education opportunities; a fully-stocked kitchen with beverages and tasty snacks; and much more.

Greater Tacoma Community Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Cultural Requirements
Each employee of the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation is an essential part of the whole. We are in the business of helping people and our community and how we interact with each other and build our internal community matters greatly. Each role also supports our overall mission to provide philanthropic expertise, innovation, and inspiration within Pierce County.
As such, each employee of GTCF is expected to:
1) Work with integrity and respect toward:
a. One another
b. Our donors, volunteers, and the diverse communities with whom we interact
2) Offer a superior level of customer service
3) Provide a welcoming environment
4) Communicate and collaborate across the organization
5) Give, and should expect to receive, clear expectations
6) Work with an eye toward innovation and intellectual contribution
7) Take personal responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of his/her own work
8) Offer and request assistance to and from fellow employees in reviewing work for accuracy

Supplemental Questions
1. GTCF is powered by collaboration. Production of content and events involves gathering input of many stakeholders.
a. Please recount an experience where you successfully worked with other individuals to create a communication. Include details of your role in planning, creating, implementing, and collaborating on the communication.
b. What actions on your part helped make that collaboration successful?
2. The Communications Specialist will develop content and events for many different audiences, including donors, funders, nonprofits, school staff, youth, parents, and other key stakeholders.
a. Please share an experience that taught you what it takes to communicate in a way that is informative, compelling, and respectful. Include details of your role in planning, creating, implementing, and collaborating on the communication.
b. What, specifically, did you learn is necessary to communicate in a way that is informative, compelling, and respectful with many different audiences?

Application Process
• A cover letter describing why this role is aligned to your background, skills, and interest.
• Answers to the supplemental questions above. Applications received without responses to these questions will not be considered.
• Current resume.
• Materials are to be submitted via email -
• Position open until filled
• References will be requested from final candidates.
GTCF is an equal opportunity employer and is strongly committed to enhancing the diversity of its workforce. We will provide assistance in the recruitment, application, and selection process to applicants with disabilities who request such assistance.

Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
950 Pacific Ave Suite 1100
Tacoma, WA, United States
Phone: 2533835622

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