Grant Program Assistant



Grant Program Assistant

Employment Type:

Part time


Seattle, WA


$30-$35 per hour

Application Contact:

Kathleen Barry Johnson

Job Description:

The Position
The Grant Program Assistant is a new position at HSD; the successful candidate will begin after January 1, 2019. This is a half-time (20 hours) position that will report the HSD Executive Director, with a salary range of $30 to $35 per hour plus a stipend for health care and paid time off. The Grant Program Assistant will be physically located at a co-working space within the Pioneer Square or Chinatown-International District. The Grant Program Assistant will be responsible for managing the relationship within the coworking space to maximize their effectiveness in the community.  
Detailed Position Requirements
The HSD Grant Program Assistant will be responsible for the day-to-day management and oversight of HSD’s grant making program, including: 
Grant Proposal Solicitation
  • Conducting outreach efforts to ensure awareness and understanding of HSD’s funding opportunity is broadly known throughout our service area, particularly among emerging organizations serving marginalized, non-English speaking groups.
  • Supporting applicants during the open RFP period or prior to their submission off rotating deadline projects so that they can create a highly competitive proposal to serve their projects and goals.
  • Organizing group meetings for applicants, including proposer’s conferences and informational meetings during the proposal period. Provide technical assistance and support for applicants throughout the process.
  • Tracking grant applications to document timeliness; assisting in managing documents in compliance with the document retention requirements of the State of Washington and HSD.
  • Ensuring published proposal solicitation guidelines are followed and applicants have fair and equal access to the timely submission of their proposals.
Solicitation Evaluation
  • Assisting in the recruiting and training of members of a Community Review Panel that will evaluate and score proposals and produce a recommended slate of applicants to present to the HSD Board of Directors for approval, and
  • Organize and assist training sessions for members of the Community Review Panel, including assisting in identifying appropriate trainers, securing space, refreshments, materials as needed. Attend trainings to take notes and understand material presented.
  • Assist in documenting the deliberations of the Community Review Panel, preserving notes and data in accordance with document retention requirements of the State of Washington and HSD.
  • Assist members of the Community Review Panel in answering questions and seeking information, maintaining transparency and accessibility to all members of the panel.
  • Assist Community Review Panel members to maintain a connection to HSD between funding rounds and develop relationships with new, potential panel members.
  • Troubleshoot issues that arise that could interfere with the optimal operation of the Community Review Panel.
  • Ensure HSD policies and procedures are followed. Raise questions regarding process and suggest improvements where needed.
Grant Awards & Contracts
  • Assist in creating outreach plan to publicize grant awards. Assist in implementation of plan, including any public events associated with awards.
  • Assist in timely negotiation of contracts with grantees. Work with grantees to create meaningful benchmarks and evaluation methods so that grantees and HSD can tell a compelling story about the impact of community investments.
  • Assist in documenting the award and contracting process, preserving materials as required by the document retention policies of the State of Washington and HSD.
HSD Process Evaluation
  • Participate with Executive Director and Board to understand successes and opportunities for improvement at the conclusion of every funding round.
  • Make suggestions as appropriate for improving process, with a prioritization of improving access for potential applicants, transparency and fairness.
  • Assist Executive Director, Board and Community Review Panel in transitioning to subsequent RFP rounds, developing new RFP goals, and continuing to move forward to achieve organizational investment goals.
Grant Management
  • Maintain grant files, manage report deadlines and answer grantee question and maintain close communication. Alert Executive Director to issues arising in grant performance. Troubleshoot solutions with grantees.
  • Manage documentation in compliance with Washington State and HSD requirements.
  • Gather and analyze grant outcome data for publication to a wide variety of audiences, including funding sources, legislative committees, and the general public.
  • Assist in the solicitation, evaluation and awarding and contracting for applications submitted pursuant to revolving deadline process, or emerging opportunities, in accordance with the performance standards set forth throughout this document.
General Qualifications
  • Develop and maintain understanding of HSD Strategic Plan and Grant Making Plan.
  • Develop and maintain understanding of barriers faced by minority and marginalized people, including immigrants, non-English speakers, low-income individuals and families, and those at risk of displacement.
  • Develop and maintain a robust understanding of the history and current challenges and opportunities facing both neighborhoods. Attend neighborhood meetings as needed to develop relationships with area leaders, residents, businesses and others.
  • Conduct business with a focus on social justice principals, seeking to utilize the resources of HSD to elevate the voice of the communities we serve, and to ensure those who live, work and play in the South Downtown neighborhoods have authentic access to determine their own futures and prioritize their preferred vision.
  • High standards of honesty, confidentiality and a high level of integrity to all aspects of the position. 
  • Proactive, positive and problem-solving attitude. Ability to overcome challenges creatively in ways that promote HSD values and goals.
  • Maintain knowledge of best practices in grant making. Identify and attend applicable trainings as approved by Executive Director.
Applicant Background and Skills
  • Bachelor’s degree or experience sufficient to demonstrate the high level of analytic, organizational and relational performance required by this position.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in philanthropy, nonprofit sector, or similar fields. 
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and tact in a demanding environment.
  • Knowledge of the role of government funding in the nonprofit sector. 
  • Demonstrated success in developing strong collegial collaborations and partnerships across sectors with diverse constituencies and communities.
  • Highly organized and self-motivated; ability to collaborate with coworkers, community members, foundation peers and community leaders.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast paced, often hectic environment, managing multiple tasks and deadlines at a time.
  • Demonstrated analytical and evaluative skills, with the ability to take initiative to manage projects, improve processes and procedures. Commitment to learning and candid dissemination of lessons learned.
  • Excellent oral, written and technology skills. Familiarity with MS Office products, MS Sharepoint, Wordpress, Publisher. 
  • Ability to approach situations and challenges with a sense of humor.
  • Understanding of small business needs, nonprofit management, capital campaigns, small loan program administration or similar areas of nonprofit administration, business development and philanthropy a plus.
  • Literacy and/or fluency in Chinese, Vietnamese or other Asian language a plus.
Historic South Downtown
409B Maynard Ave S.
Seattle, WA, United States
Phone: 2063514813
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