Community Engagement Lead



Community Engagement Lead

Employment Type:

Full time


Bellevue, WA


$68,985.12 - $95,190.60

Application Contact:

Terry Cullen, 425-452-4070

Job Description:

The Community Engagement Lead will work with the City and Department of Community Development planning staff to support and assist with communications and community relation related functions for important citywide planning initiatives. The ideal candidate must have a strong grasp of public outreach strategies for city initiatives, political sensitivities, and the ability to deploy a wide range of appropriate outreach approaches and tools. The individual should be innovative and creative, with strong communication skills (written and oral), and the capacity to think strategically. The individual filling this position will help enhance the quality of engagement amongst the city's diverse communities and stakeholders. The ideal person will use the insights gained to help realize desired city outcomes. The person selected will work out of the Community Development Departments Comprehensive Planning Team with a focus on the department's ongoing Neighborhood Area Planning effort, but not exclusively. S/he will actively interface and assist with other teams on related projects and concerns. 

The Community Development Department offers:
  • A dynamic work environment
  • A robust public engagement culture
  • An opportunity to build greater trust and transparency in city decision-making
  • A chance to innovate and communicate planning and community development strategies
  • An opportunity to develop new strategic skills
  • Work with staff to create and execute outreach and community relations strategies. Project involvements include: Neighborhood Area Planning, The city's Affordable Housing Strategy, the Grand Connection, and the Environmental Stewardship Initiative.
  • Plan, design and orchestrate public outreach events.
  • Ensure engagement efforts are equitable, inclusive, cultural relevant and accessible for all Bellevue residents and stakeholders.
  • Speak in a broad range of community meetings, forums, focus groups and public events. Be willing to lead and participate evening or weekend meetings, solicit public input at every step of a planning initiative (i.e. launch to implementation).
  • Collaborate with staff in the preparation of written and verbal communications across a full range of constituencies that include: elected and appointed officials, residents, business and community leaders.
  • Compile and synthesize public input on complex projects to inform and improve future engagement events and strategies.
  • Enhance the department's toolbox for outreach.
  • Craft communication strategies, press releases, social media posts, and related summaries of community meetings for public awareness and engagement.
  • Maintain select web pages to ensure current information on projects.
  • Use social media tools (such as Engagement HQ, Twitter, Nextdoor, Facebook, etc.) to enhance communication and broaden public engagement
  • Track public engagement and interested participant lists to allow timely and accurate responses to public inquiries or questions.
  • Coordinate with the Neighborhood Outreach Team and the Diversity Advantage teams.
Education and Experience Requirements:
  • Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a degree in Urban Planning, Political Science, Public Administration, Communications, Public Relations, or related field.
  • Four or more years of community engagement work and project management requiring managing timelines, resources, and logistics, demonstrating successful community engagement on shared outcomes.
  • Four or more years of professional related experience involving communicating with communities with diverse groups. This experience must include, but not limited to: the use of social media and online web tools, community surveys, public speaking and/or group facilitation.
  • An equivalent combination of education, experience and training that satisfy required expectation of knowledge, skills and abilities will also be considered.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Knowledge of community outreach and public relations principles, practices, methods and techniques.
  • An understanding of how public input is used to inform better decision-making.
  • Knowing how to obtain appropriate and applicable public input to satisfy project goals.
  • Understanding how to use public input to enhance public communications.
  • Familiarity with local planning issues and the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA).
  • The ability to design, plan, execute, and manage multiple outreach efforts, including identifying project milestones, timelines, essential materials, and communication strategies utilizing appropriate and varied techniques for each purpose and audience.
  • Excellent verbal communication skill and strong listening skills. This includes the ability to present information to the public and elected officials, address contentious and controversial issues in a variety of forums as well as build trust and transparency at each stage of the planning process.
  • Knowledge of asset-based community development and best practices in cultural competence in community engagement skills.
  • Excellent written communications skills, including the capacity to develop messages across a range of audiences and formats.
  • Ability to coordinate with multiple internal departments and work groups to ensure consistent and timely messaging.
  • Prioritize tasks amongst a variety of issues and projects.
  • Value how different perspectives and cultures enhance decision making.
  • Contribute to the City of Bellevue's "One City" culture and values of shared leadership, wide spread communicating and collaborating, engaging and empowering employees', encouraging innovation, and maintaining both short- and long-term visions
City of Bellevue
PO BOX, 90012
Bellevue, WA, United States
Phone: 4254527676

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